Depression For some time about 2 weeks exactly to my face very bad mood


For some time about 2 weeks exactly to my face very bad mood

a state that I have not had before. I feel tired physically helpless as if nothing can not do everything I did, I have optimism hard I try to induce only a good feeling to think about things and I love doing it but now it seems you no longer see . I sentimnetul I am old and it did not much see all the point of things. I just 24 years and I think I should not let these feelings shot down. I sit and think why they are so. What could I do to my back because I would not want to suffer from depreie life. I thought going to a psychologist but I try to think though that status will improve. Please advise me what to do to get rid of it.


You have two options: you manage to get one over the autopsihoterapie, or call the psychologist. The idea is that if you try one and do not go, do not let much time pass before they go to a psychologist, not worse. If you want to try one idea is to get out, to keep you busy all the time to find enjoyable activities, chicken dishes not only sad music, watching comedy to drama is not so, avoid the 5 o'clock news in favor of CAN-combings or magazines that you like ciao it off, try to do in sports (f more to help mentally), you take or play with a Rating: (tell me if you want a dog, please! me me out of any state negative and I gave a baby now, it's great that therapy can be done with them) etc..

If you see that persists seek a psychologist.

Answer from a doctor

It is difficult to assess the phenomenon from a distance. I would recommend a consultant to Neuropsychiatry, because, first with Mr. to have to determine whether, in fact, a syndrome of depression or a state of anger, the failures, the loneliness and the second all, conduct or treatment.

Feel Free to give the right answer (if these are not enough or bad)


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