Obesity leads to lower brain

Obesity leads to lower brain


Obesity or even slightly exceeded the normal weight is devastating to the brain. Not only does it alter its physical structure, causing memory loss and an increased risk of dementia, but may age prematurely gray matter.

Obesity can affect the way we think, affect the proceedings and making us relish and more food calories. In conclusion, a food look like drug addicts needing drugs, writes dailymail.co.uk.

Not only is affected brains of obese people, but also that of normal people with little excess weight.

"The problem is that over time we got to look sweet and fatty foods as attractive as in periods of famine and food shortage they were rescuing. Now I am always available to us, and why I became so fat" Says endocrinologist Tony Goldstone.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have revealed that the risk of dementia in adults is 71% higher in overweight people and four times higher in people who were obese at middle age. The problem is fat, which leads to a decrease in the brain.

"We know that a diet full of fat clogs arteries and is bad for your heart, but this type of diet has the same effect and blood vessels in the brain, " said Paul Thompson, professor of neurology at the University of Los Angeles.

Researchers found that overweight and obese people have the brains of four to eight times lower than those of normal weight.

"This is because blood can not easily reach the brain cells die, and the effect is premature aging of the brain. A person loses an average of 0.5% annually in the brain. but Obese people lose up to 8% of brain so 16 years older. This does not kill you, but it is noticeable. Areas affected by decreasing the brain responsible for reasoning and processing of long-term memories ", says Paul Thompson.

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