Forms and shores of lakes unusual 2

Horseshoe Lake - Canada

If I had a river meanders whose had a horseshoe, why do not we have a lake with the same figure?

There are numerous lakes on Earth's surface whose form suggests a shoe the horse, but none as loyal, Horseshoe Lake in Manitoba, Canada.

This lake has suffered from human activity in the area.

At home was not a lake, but one of the meanders of a river called the Red River. Meandros was "severed" somewhat following the decision of the authorities to create a tourist area visitors, and today the river relegated to a position near the lake can be admired Morris town (only 1700 souls) in the southern province of Manitoba, 50 kilometers south of Winnipeg.

Lake says: "How are you?" - Blithfield Reservoir, Staffordshire, England

Named by the British "The Lake that says How do you do", The lake is shaped like a British gentleman's hat, who bowed politely, was originally nothing but the river meanders flash. Between 1930-1940, The South Staffordshire Waterworks Company, has bought 952 hectares in area with the stated aim of creating a reservoir of water for public consumption. It flooded the entire area was the original form of gentlemen nice lake and currently occupying only 320 hectares of water surface. Bizarre lake was opened in 1953, after a total of 500 people worked for six years to completion.

Lake Sao Paulo - Brazil

Human imagination knows no boundaries even when it comes to putting into a lake. They found a Brazilian engineers who worked at the end of the lake in Sao Paulo. Jung was full of hectares cleared to make way for a lake with a perfect form of human figures. Lake-man has a length of 140 meters and is located near the town Iacanga, the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

Despite its peculiarity, the lake has not yet achieved international fame awaited by the people behind the project from which it appeared.

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