What health hazards are hiding in household appliances

What health hazards are hiding in household appliances

Mold dangerous to human health and are particularly resistant to grow and prosper in certain appliances apparently harmless, scientists warn in a study published in the journal Fungal Biology, published by the British Mycological Society.


The warm, moist environment it creates, dishwashers, coffeemakers, washing machines, electric and presents ideal conditions for proliferation of certain fungi resistant, which can sometimes be toxic to the owners of these appliances.

Even higher temperatures (60 ° C - 80 ° C) and used aggressive chemicals (detergents, salts) in dishwashers do not destroy certain species of microscopic fungi.

Scientists have analyzed these dishwashers from families living in 101 different cities, spread across all continents: 62% of these shelter mold rubber seals on the equipment.

Of these, 56% contained colonies of Exophiala dermatitidis and Exophalia phaeomuriformis highly resistant to heat, chemicals and acidity, a combination that has never been observed in a proportion so large to study.

Black mold - Exophalia dermatitidis - is generally only present in a natural environment and may be involved in initiation of lung disease and serious infections, which are fortunately uncommon.

According to this study, on Thursday, the presence of such molds "extremophilic" - which usually develop normally in environments lethal to other life forms - suggests that these bodies have begun a process of development which may represent a risk health significantly in the future. 

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