Windows 8 presented

Windows 8 presented


Windows 8, the future of the operating system from Microsoft, will be released somewhere in the year 2012, and to unify under one product segment, PC and mobile segment. And last time I talked about it, we learn that will include three different interfaces, which are claimed to all devices that you will use.

And of course, the most visually impressive is Metro, the derivative of the current Windows Mobile 7. This seems to be the main control interface for Windows 8, which we will encounter when we open the PC or smartphone, and will understand that as well with our fingertips, and with the mouse and keyboard.

And it will be a collection of applications and orders, represented by colored plates already known, especially focusing on multimedia. From here you can go in Aero, where we find the classical programs. Windows 8 will come up with a new browser, designed for touch, Internet Explorer 10. And the virtual keyboard will be more accessible and ... accessed.

The two main interfaces, Metro and Aero will be working at the same time, sharing equal screen or not. As the user wants. And the file system is much less used. It is clear that Microsoft Windows is trying to lead by ordinary people who did not want to learn an operating system.

Video Presentation of Windows 8 !

So Windows 8 will be easy, intuitive, and most likely will not be able to determine IT veterans to give up Windows 7. At least not on the PC. But follow along better now movie presentation made ​​by Microsoft.
Windows 8 will be great !
We invite you to show this to the world :)
More info will come very soon

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Windows 8 Presentation

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