Soil Fertilization part 5

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If brăzdarele sowing machine (incorporating all the seeds in the ground) we will approach the maximum extent possible, the band will fit a five clutch.

It appears that the planting strip for 30 cm will be divided into 5 rows, to which all will remain a space of 30 cm. Such pairs of strips (one strip plus 5 lines blank) in the number of 5 will receive sowing machine with a width of 3 feet.

I, however, narrow and long brăzdarele, therefore, the strip across the width of 30 cm, I dial not five but six times, leading to a more uniform grain distribution.

Brăzdarele to semănătoarele Eckert and Sack are made irrationally. Because the cutter falls from dry ground, and then to seed.

It is obvious that the latter will not spring without rain, since it falls on the capillary bed. For these reasons and to change such as beans brăzdarele to fall directly onto the capillary moisture.

In this case the plants are springing up in my hub until the last grain of drought: rape in 3, 5, rye and wheat in 10 days. (N.: wheat at that time rising in the best case in 10 days, and the method by spreading a month or even 40 days and sown were bad.)

Vents, carrying grains to roll them so narrow that no more grain flow. Thus, grains fall and sprout almost solitary. (N.: I'm sorry that its rules do not indicate Ovsinski seed. I can not succeed, but judging by the fact how he adjusts sowing, the usual rule that time (200-220 kg / ha) was reduced at least half . Also, the beans fell to 5-6 cm in the receiving line and 200-240 sqm plant. In our experimenters mp 40-60 plants give off most plants and high-bushy. Of course, they depend on the variety. But it is obvious that the scheme is hidden seeding to increase yield potential.)

Brăzdarele deepen them with effort, not bother me that they go too far, because the plowing of two inches, this is not easy, to deep plowing.

Gaza planted a small level with a harrow with wooden teeth, set at furrower sowing machine.

Circles, which crawl in back and attached to semănătoarele Mendel, producing grooves in the soil and are less useful.

After sowing, do not use roller, deaorece it violates the rules of the new system, which teaches us that the bottom layer should be the capillary and the surface of two inches - loose.


Once the rollers destroy this layer loose with him will destroy the fertility of our field, that after such a barbaric operation in a few days were dry and would crack.

The south of Russia, usually after sowing of winter and spring, is affected by the terrible drought. Therefore tăvălugirea crops in those places is a mistake that should not be accepted.

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