New water cooler From Corsair

New water cooler From Corsair

Besides excellent SSDs RAM modules, those from Corsair are appreciated and the range of water coolers is Hydro, effective sidestul accessible. And now preparing to launch two new models, better than what they now offer: H80 and H100.

H80 has a pretty generous block through which water circulated, and a 120 * 120 mm radiator cooled by two fans with the same dimensions, arranged by both sides. They are able to spin at 2600 rpm maximum, generating an airflow of 92 cfm of air flow at 39 dB. H80 is compatible with all sockets on the market, weighs 1.66 pounds and will be priced around $ 150.


H100 on the other hand, though equipped with the same block water heater is 240 * 120 mm, all cooled by two 120mm fans, but placed side by side. They have the same properties as the model H80. H100 and it fits any socket of the moment, weighs 1.8 pounds and comes with a price of around $ 170.


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