Skoda Fabia RS 2000 unveiled at Worthersee - dramatically impressive!

Skoda Fabia RS 2000 unveiled at Worthersee - dramatically impressive!

Annual Festival on Lake Wörthersee, Austria, add more cars VW, especially the "East ", with the GTI logo. But for some time at this festival Fri May all models of VAG group. This year, an impressive appearance was Skoda's stand, where several beautiful women stormed a novel concept: Fabia RS 2000.


Assembly hatchuri hot concept was somewhat overshadowed by Fabia RS 2000. When Audi came and caused a sensation with A1 Clubsport Quattro, here came with a Skoda Fabia RS stock converted into one with no roof, with some modifications on the outside and under the hood.

Giant wide-bodykit remember WRC cars, and fully incorporates large 18-inch wheels, like giving him an air of style Stance, left on his belly, like the S2000 rally counterpart. Moreover, the most significant change is found in the body, which is now open-top, the ceiling disappeared entirely.

Inside are four individual bucket type seats, racing belts, and many elements and carbon finishes. How about what's under the hood, there is a 2-liter twin-turbo engine develops 200 hp.

A mixture of racing engine with a 4-seat convertible. Like this we can define this concept Skoda brand. But one thing is certain: it's a very successful car! Perhaps it would invent a new Skoda concept, especially convertibles WRC, who knows ... Or a heavy convertible WRC ambitions. But unfortunately, beyond the appearance of the Wörthersee, this car probably will not see daylight in a version number ... So do not just have to take pleasure with the few existing pictures.

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