New BMW M3 by Vorsteiner

New BMW M3 by Vorsteiner

New BMW M3 by Vorsteiner lollipop is most desirable in the Universe.

 Although at first glance the connection between the lollipops and supercars seems almost nonexistent, it is actually very close. And the latest creation from Vorsteiner is the perfect proof of this.

A candy cane is always welcome break, but you could talk about cars in such a "meeting"? Apparently, yes. For the latest creation from Vorsteiner is itself a lollipop. Not the other, but the tuner refers to the American super-model as the strongest and most muscular lollipop in the world. So be it? It remains to be seen.

In short, the whole madness is leading player in the BMW M3. But, before being turned into a delicious statement supremacy, Bavarian impresionatul performance coupe is "colored" in a unique combination that uses the full colors like white, black and red. As a result, produces a car quite shy, but this is changing with the advent of aerodynamic kit GTRS3 - present and various military vehicles such as tanks or fighters impressive. So, the latest creation Vorsteiner will emerge from the first appearance, and this is not just due to subtle changes made ​​largely of carbon fiber.

In addition, the climax comes only now. Under the vulgar wing extensions and have appeared on the 20-inch forged wheels that come bundled with high performance Michelin PS2 tires with these sizes: 285/25/20 front, 325/25/20 rear respectively. It also includes a list of changes mark KW coilover suspension, while the Brembo GTR-performance brake system has been employed to curb all those 620 horsepower.

Because if I predicted before, the cherry on top of the lollipops is represented by the 4.0-liter V8 engine, now fitted with a turbocharger system Stage II and a titanium exhaust system, made ​​of course, Americans from Vorsteiner.


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