Mastery of soil fertilization

Mastery of soil fertilization

In several posts I will publish bits of NI's book Kurdyumov "Mastery of soil fertilization. In this book the author brings the reader different tillage methods and their authors. We selected what is the main. If more applications will appear more fully to the winter will translate the book and I will post on the forum. I will miss part of Fukuoka, as his book "Revolution of straw" is already posted on the site. So you continue to learn about IE Ovsinski and "new system of working the soil, it developed more than a century ago.


New tillage system

Chapter I. Independence of agriculture plants

"We tillage principles

Farming system based on the independent activity of plants used in households for several years already. As it consists in saying that:

1) plants often grow as a result are forced to compete for existence and

2) they have space around it, and answered plenty of nutrients and light.

To meet these requirements controversial at first, was not so simple.

Pile would fall sown wheat pile, each with a few grains. Price roots, the plants interfere each other and develop abnormally.

They are based thin as thread, and their weak stems can not support plants that lie at the first puff of wind.

It would have required a supplementary nutrition, and proceed from Rostov gardeners often sown with peas in a row, which is virtually impossible for field crops.

So it is necessary to find a common method of sowing wheat, but also each grain to be separated from others, alone. In view of good machinery are now so improved that this issue can be dealt with properly.

Thus, already in autumn 1895 the results of the new principle of sowing of the land mines placed by the agricultural school in the village Grinăuţi (Bessarabia), were so obvious that they have attracted their attention.

When the school was visited by the agent from the Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Bertenson, I've accompanied him to the first fields sown with oats according to the accustomed and I asked him to look attentive ears.

After I left the lot nearby with the same variety of oats sown but, according to new ears system proved to be more than twice. There was none less than 36 cm (½ feet in the past). And the fruit of the same case was also two times higher.

The same results were received and planted with barley, wheat and other plants sown in spring after new technology. They grew more abundant, are baked earlier, were less affected by rust were formidable spikes, grain was unaltered, hard pass, so after winnowing remains virtually absent.

Grain autumn sown in the autumn, were so beautiful that farmers from various villages came to watch.

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