Tesla S Alpha

Tesla S Alpha

New images of the Tesla S Alpha - more prepared than ever to the series production


Tesla Motors has recently published new pictures with the S Alpha, an electric car with four doors, a special elegance. If the Tesla Roadster has enjoyed great success since its launch, the U.S. company wants to release a 5-seat sedan that could be enjoyed even greater success.

The Tesla signed new production is about to take delivery. Currently, we are satisfied with three photographs made public by the American company, which shows the S in all its splendor. A stylish sedan with four doors, which combines elements of Italian and British cars, with its trademark touch Tesla.

As seen in pictures, tipping is entirely missing. It is only natural, considering that the company wants to continue the tradition of 100% electric car. Do not know many details about the final version of the Tesla S, motorization and autonomy nor the EV, but it will certainly be much better in both chapters, but the Roadster: power and autonomy.

And if we can not say about the car's performance much, we only talk about looking good. Although it seems to be inspired by Maserati and bring the side line all in German coupe's four-door car still has a strong personality. And we like, at least in appearance. But we are curious if we could reach such a car from Bucharest to Constanta and back. Not to pull the glass from the hotel an extension until the parking lot, to recharge the car ... 

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