Jennifer Connelly was born a girl

Jennifer Connelly was born a girl

American actress Jennifer Connelly has become mother again after she gave birth to a baby girl, who was born in New York on May 31.


Jennifer Connelly and her husband, actor Paul Bettany, announced that the baby will be named Agnes Lark Bettany, inform

"Both mother and baby are healthy and doing well. The family is very pleased, " said the actress's agent for release.

Jennifer Connelly is married to British actor Paul Bettany, with whom he has a son, Stellan, aged seven years. The actress has a son, Kai, aged 13 years, resulting from her relationship with photographer David Dugan.

U.S. actress met Paul Bettany in 2001, while filming the feature film "A Beautiful Mind / A Beautiful Mind. " The two were married on January 1, 2003, and after eight months the couple's first child was born, Stellan.

Jennifer Connelly became known first as a model and debuted in film in 1984 with her ​​role in "Once Upon a Time in America / Once Upon a Time in America. " Roles which brought him international consecration are those of sci-fi thriller "Dark City / Dark City" (1998) and especially in "Requiem for a Dream / Requiem for a Dream" (2000).

In 2002, Jennifer Connelly won an Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe for her role in "A Beautiful Mind / A Beautiful Mind. " Among films that played recently are "huge Hulk" (2003), "Dark Water / Dark Water" (2005), "Blood Diamond / Blood Diamond" (2006), "The Day the Earth stopped / The Day the Earth Stood Still "(2008) and romantic comedy" About men and not only ... / He's Just Not That Into You "(2009).

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