Iris recognition gadget eliminates passwords

Iris recognition gadget eliminates passwords


Imagine connecting to the eBay fold up with a simple blink of an eye. A new gadget for consumers could soon make this possible

Designed by Hoyos Group, called EyeLock device uses iris recognition as an alternative to passwords to connect to web sites and web applications protected by password. Although similar eye-scanning devices are already used business and industrial markets, Hoyos EyeLock called "first and only portable iris scanning for consumers."

Scanning device connects to your PC via a USB port. After installing the software and choose the sites and applications that want to protect in this way, move the scanner in front of your eyes A snapshot is taken of the iris to confirm identity, then provide immediate access to the site or secure application.

With safety always as main concern, the company says the device can not be attacked by hackers.

"Every time you log in, your iris is read and creates a unique key, consisting of a series of numbers, and that key changes each time you connect, so no one can attack," Tracy Hoyos told CNN, Assistant Marketing Director.

Despite the probably seen people in some science-fiction films, the device will only work with a living person. "If you kill someone, the device will not work because once you die, your eye automatically flatten, so that the iris is no longer the same," continued Tracy Hoyos.

The company has not yet revealed the release date, but informed that the price will rise to 99 EyeLock dollars. Presented in a technology event in San Francisco, EyeLock Hoyos uses the same technology that used it in its portfolio of advanced iris scanner for government agencies and corporations.

"Iris-based systems guarantee a level of security and identity protection unmatched by any other biometric system, encrypted or password-card today," said Jeff Carter, chief business development officer, Hoyos.


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