Forms and shores of lakes, unusual

Forms and shores of lakes, unusual

We often walk along a lake without even suspecting its shape. Obviously, the relief or the fact that we have a panoramic view from the heights prevents us from admiring the full form designed by the banks of the lake. Created by nature or human hand, some lakes and rivers have fantastic shapes, unexpected and often delightful to the eye of tourists.

Thanks airplane, helicopter, glider, and the first camera, we can marvel at the end of the most complete picture bizarre pools of water on Earth!

Heart Lake - South Korea

Somewhere in South Korea, the engineers have built a reservoir which wanted to give as accurate a stylized human heart symbolic of love postcards and books.


Time. Around the lake has developed a real industrial area. What is altered in form but not the initial source of water. Especially if it is flown at heights.

It seems that with the passage of time and industrial development area, there was the requirement of a bridge to cross the lake to optimize bizarre traffic.

To the surprise of tourists and locals alike, because the bridge passes through the lake, forming the classic image of the heart pierced by Cupid's arrow.

Horseshoe Bend - Arizona, USA

Horseshoe Bend Or, as one might translate literally, to bow in Romanian, is probably the most spectacular bend in the world. His name is very inspiring when one considers that seen from a certain angle, the true shape of a horseshoe. Amazing loop is formed by crossing the Colorado River canyon of the same name. Magnificent Landmark is located within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, 8.5 km from Glen Canyon Dam. This wonder of geology, carved over millions of years of Colorado River, is situated at a height of almost 1000 meters above sea level.

Fisheating Creek - Florida, USA

From ground level, nothing is seen, everything is a green bordered by a cobweb of water being lazy, and sits well as a landscape of the Everglades. From tall but truly magnificent images have meanings. Fisheating Creek is a watercourse that carries water from the Highlands County to Lake Okeechobee in South Central Florida. Until a few years ago, the river meanders past were privately owned, where tourists were forbidden access. Today, Florida bought the property and entered the local tourist circuit. Bizarre form of meanders, favored course of relief is a challenge for anyone's imagination the viewer.

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