Soil Fertilization part 2

Chapter IX. Fall of ground works

"This year, spring sowing 1898 I started late because of dry spring was horrible. It was not difficult to assume that the soil will dry out as shallow plowing for winter crops will not be easy.

Therefore, immediately after sowing, I checked the fields, no crops left in the summer and worked with prăşitoarea meticulously designed for winter sowing.

It was found that some fields were heavily studded pir, strain, cage, etc. Moreover, no twitch was populated by Artemisia and thistles, the third - almost clean.

Desiring to make sure there as quickly as possible, from adverse consequences of the drought, I gave instructions to work as follows: the land with plows Ransom pir we started with three bands, those with wormwood and thistles - extirpatoarele nine teeth, of proper construction.

And finally I sent harrows clean land, which broke the surface and thus defended the field of drought.

All work took about a week after that I almost still, I could work with plows with three furrows, ignoring the terrible drought that has dried up fields that neighbors could not work with any tool.

So we see that strong and timely rupture of the surface field is the new working system.

In Bessarabia, where the ancestors formed the habit of grazing animals on the field during the summer the new system has faced many opponents, who argued that such an early work of the field brings only harm, destroying pasture.

But when in 1895 could not be sown fields, due to boulders, formed by plowing the land, and gunning for animal husbandry, and to my wonderful growing canola, rye and wheat, the farmers Bessarabia clever concluded that better some of the worst fields are reserved for permanent pasture, than to risk the entire harvest of autumn crops.


The rapid loosening of the surface field a good service it gives me extirpatoarele nine arms.

This occupies a strip of soil removed twice bigger than the 3-plow furrows and cut weeds very well. To work with him was sufficiently a child and îmburuienate fields - two pairs of buffaloes and horses. And on the clean

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