Picture of dishes, new American guide to healthy eating

Picture of dishes, new American guide to healthy eating


The traditional food pyramid has been replaced with the image of a plate, which are the optimal proportions of fruit, vegetables, grains and protein in your diet, at a presentation in Washington of the new guide to healthy eating.

The new guide, launched by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (U.S. Department of Agriculture / USDA) is urging Americans to adopt a daily diet in fruits and vegetables have a higher share than in the past, inform cnn.com.

According to USDA, half of that plate should contain fruits and vegetables, and half should contain whole grains and protein from lean meat. The image presented by the USDA is a small bowl alongside the main dish, the American experts suggest dairy products low fat content - or semi-skimmed milk or yoghurt.

The new image daily dish called MyPlate, was designed to remind Americans need to adopt healthy eating habits in an era in which a third of American children and more than two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight and obese .

The event, held Thursday in Washington, was attended by Tom Vilsack, Secretary of State for Agriculture, U.S. first lady Michelle Obama surgeon Regina Benjamin.

In fact, Michelle Obama has led in recent years a national campaign to promote healthy diet and physical exercise, entitled "Let's Move", created to reduce childhood obesity in the U.S. for a generation.

The purpose for which it was created to simplify MyPlate nutritionally information, said the first lady of the United States. Also, Michelle Obama said the new logo will not be able to stop the obesity epidemic one that affects this country. In her opinion, American children need to lead an active lifestyle, and their parents must remain vigilant in order to make proper food choices.

Reflects MyPlate also another change to be taken daily diet. Grains, which were represented mainly based on the previous food pyramid, take a less dominant position in the new plate. This does not mean that USDA make a crash less than the carbohydrates.

"In terms of nutritional, dietary carbohydrates are our center," said Marisa Moore, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. "Fruits are a good source of carbohydrates and most vegetables are also a source of carbohydrates, like pasta and rice. They will still be present in the diet. The new guide is an increase in the share of vegetables and fruit , Marisa Moore added.

MyPlate was designed in accordance with the latest recommendations by the USDA in January, according to which Americans should consume whole grains, not refined grains, like white rice and white bread, which are devoid of certain nutrients such as vitamins, fiber and iron.

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommendations suggests Americans to consume fewer calories, so the menu to compile the fruits and vegetables to fill half the plate, to reduce salt intake and drink water instead of carbonated beverages.

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