TIFF will explode at European level in two years

Michele Placido: I am convinced that TIFF will explode at European level in two years

Italian actor and director Michele Placido said he is convinced that the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) will explode at European level in two years, saying that he would advise his colleagues in Italy and France.

Placido said Sunday, in Cluj-Napoca, in TIFF Lounge, meeting with the press and public, that the next edition of the festival will bring all children to watch movies for ten days, the event lasts.

"I am convinced that TIFF will explode at European level in two years. I encourage colleagues from Italy and France to come to TIFF. I speak French actors Daniel Auteuil and Mathieu Kassovitz, which will make a movie this year in France, to also come from TIFF. I liked it so much Cluj and TIFF's, that I decided that next year come and sit with my children in Cluj ten days to see movies. I'll talk to my eldest son, Michelangelo to come even in Cluj Tuesday to catch the last five days of TIFF, "Placido said.

Asked how European directors to be required before the Americans, Michele Placido said that it is not about the quality of directors, but about technology.

"Quality great American directors is the same as that of European directors, from Romania and Italy. A lot of filmmakers working in Hollywood are of European origin, working with U.S. technology. In ten years, when there will be globalization of technology, I afraid that all films will be the same, and do not think it is good for this to happen, "said the Italian actor and director.

He said the television series "Octopus" in which he played Commissioner Corrado Cattani, was not well seen by Italian politicians, current Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi even complaining that "provided a negative image of Italy in the world.

"The show was a huge success in Italy, but the mob is ignorant, not understanding its significance. Mafia was not satisfied with the success of the show, but was not satisfied with any Italian politics. On television, politicians have begun to censor the show, and not wanted to talk about it. Even Berlusconi said he did not like "Octopus" for giving a negative image of Italy in the world. It was a political issue, "added Michele Placido.

At the end of the meeting, Placido magazine gave autographs to the festival, "AperiTIFF.

Michele Placido received Saturday night at TIFF, Lifetime Achievement Award given to a film personality.

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