Chile Puyehue volcano eruption

Puyehue volcano eruption, Chile: gas column of 10 km and over 10 earthquakes. 3,500 people were evacuated

Chilean volcano erupting Puyehue came in Saturday for the first time in the last half century, and the authorities decided to evacuate about 3,500 residents in the area as a precaution.

National Service of Geology (Sernageomin) announced that Chile's entry into the eruption of the volcano has caused "an explosion that led to the formation of a gas column with a height of about 10 km.

Chilean government ordered the evacuation Saturday afternoon about 3,500 people in 20 villages near the volcano at 870 km south of Santiago and near the border with Argentina.

In the area were felt more than ten strong earthquakes, of magnitude 4, and other less penetrating about 100.

National Emergency Office (Onemi) announced that at 15.15 local time (22.15, GMT), "Service level volcanic geology alert was raised to 6 (on a scale with eight gradations), corresponding to a moderate rash .

In Argentina, Bariloche city airport, tourist attraction located 100 kilometers east of Puyehue, was closed due to the cloud of ash released into the atmosphere by the volcano.

Puyehue volcano with an altitude of 2,240 feet, erupted last in 1960, after a magnitude 9.5 earthquake, resulting in 5,700 deaths in Chile.

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