IT professionals

IT professionals

Most IT professionals are adventurous, impulsive and like risk, according to a survey only applied to Computer Weekly readers.

Computer Weekly has teamed up with Psychological Consultancy to research attitudes of IT professionals in terms of risk. Online personality test, completed by 264 readers Computer Weekly reveals that 21% of IT professionals to have a high tendency to take risks.

Geoff Trickey, managing director of the Psychological Consultancy, says the results show that most IT professionals have the ideal temperament to cope with rapid changes in the industry.

"Technology is constantly changing. People in IT are often involved in project-based work. Aventuroasale personality provides the necessary emotional strength to cope with change," said Geoff Trickey

Rob Grimsey, group marketing director of Harvey Nash, said that recruitment companies have noticed a change in employers' attitudes regarding risk taking, especially in senior IT positions.

"Our customers aimed at improving efficiency and reducing costs. Innovation is what makes the difference. Along with innovation, risk taking appears. Clients hire people who are now expected to take risks," continues Rob Grimsey.

A total of 21% of those with adventurous personalities are IT managers and consultants. IT managers are more likely to be calm, confident and optimistic, while 29% of IT analysts are carefree and foolish.

Robin Jones, executive director for professional education and the Institute of Analysts and Programmers (IAP), said he is surprised by these findings, which contradict experience.

"Careless and reckless does not fit with our members. As a general picture, they are competent professionals who take their work seriously," said Mike Ryan, director emeritus of the IAP.

Trickey said that IT managers can use this test to create a balance between anhajatilor personalities within teams.

"Every business needs people who take risks. This test is not about trying to eliminate risk, but to ensure a balance within teams," concludes Trickey.

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