Soil Fertilization part 1

I left Bessarabia autumn after sowing were visited by the governor and chairman of the Chisinau Zemstvo Mr. Cristi. "Sowing sparked a furore," she told Mr. Kazimir school tutor, who presented them.

And indeed, in the province of Bessarabia Podolsk and I've never met more such formidable crop of rapeseed, rye and wheat.

Specifically, the following year 1896 reached a height of Rye unimaginable - and more than 2.2 meters.

With some of these huge bushes of rye sown by me, taken on lots of school, I gave a demonstration Proskurov agricultural congress participants.

Such giant grass plant nua none of them met before. I got identical results last year (1897) in Podolsk province, where I Kamenets Laga, we also introduced the new system.

Advantages of the new agricultural system, plant-based self-employment and new principles of working the soil, are mainly:

Often work in half the price decreases.

Increased crop (sometimes twice).

The new rule adjusts the humidity in the soil, therefore, plants, during the drought, arise and grow without rain.

Too rainy summer plants suffer less from excess moisture.

Bacteria are the best conditions for development in the soil, multiplying at an incredible speed, they in fact, adjust soil fertility (often higher).

Gases, humidity, bacterial spores, dust diverse origin are absorbed from the atmosphere in the most vigorous manner.

Growing plants increases as a result, they suffer less from the parasites, for example rust pârjolirii less are subject to the south and north frost.

Plants often reach huge sizes.

The beans are received more fulfilling and heavier.

Plants do not bend to the ground as if the old system.

Because of these advantages of the new system of agriculture, it is not surprising that both groups Grinăuţi agricultural school and near household-Podolsk Kamenets were visited by many farmers and representatives of power.

November 1 treat as an obligation to make known the new system as a wider circle of readers.

The paper is divided into two parts, first we will give advice on new principles for soil in the second sowing will indicate how the different plants. "

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