The origin of the epidemic in Europe could be a favorite food of women

WHO: The origin of the epidemic in Europe could be a favorite food of women

The origin of the bacteria has already caused the deaths of 19 people in Europe could be a favorite food in particular women, the number of women who are more ill than men, the World Health Organization said Friday.

"It's probably something like women more than men, " said Andrea Ellis, an epidemiologist at the Department of Supervision of food, and zoonotic diseases of WHO, in a press conference.

She was responding to a question about the origins of the bacterium E. coli enterohaemorrhagic (EHEC) and the reasons why the number of infected women is higher than men.

According to WHO, 12 countries have already reported cases of contamination with the bacterium that causes bleeding of the digestive system and in the worst cases, kidney problems (and hemolytic uremic syndrome, HUS).

According to statistics published by AFP on the basis of national data, over 2,000 people have fallen ill since the beginning of the epidemic. In Germany, authorities have recorded 18 deaths. A 19th person died in Sweden.

While the source and mode of transmission of the bacteria remains a mystery, Russia and Lebanon have banned imports of vegetables from the EU, which considered these measures contrary to international trade rules.

"WHO does not recommend the imposition of restrictions on trade, "said Ellis several times.

She also explained that there is substantial documentation showing that there is the possibility of contamination with E. coli from person to person.

"Transmission from person to person may occur where hygiene is poor, " she insisted, stressing that it is important that people wash their hands.

The WHO official also invited the population to follow the recommendations of health and local authorities concerned. She also said that taking anti-diarrheal medicines is not recommended because it slows the elimination of toxin.


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