Diet contradicts everything he knew about the slimming belts

Diet contradicts everything he knew about the slimming belts. How can you lose kilograms without giving up pasta, bread and potatoes

If carbohydrates were hitherto denied to persons who clung to their figure and wanted to get rid of excess pounds, a new diet based on carbohydrates make waves in the United States of America. The principles of this system gives the head everything we knew about diet. According to the diets, if you want to lose extra pounds should not give up bread, pasta and potatoes, informs Daily Mail.

In the book "The Carb Lover's Diet" (Diet lovers carbohydrates "), Ellen Kunes, editor in chief of Health, and nutritionist Frances Largeman-Roth, write that many studies have shown that the metabolism is accelerated with the inclusion in the diet of carbohydrates . They can weaken the claim that about three pounds per week if you eat bread without any deductions, catofi baked, pasta or rice.

Unlike the other restrictive diet, diet rich in carbohydrates provides the body the energy it needs throughout the day. These nutrients support the body when on a diet.

The authors say that this course has another advantage, namely that a small number of calories as carbohydrates have the ability to quickly create a feeling of satiety and keep it for a longer period of time. In addition, because this regime is rich in starch, the nature of permitted foods, fat burning process is intensified.

Dietary rules:

● The recommended carbohydrate breakfast quality. Thus, the first meal of the day it is advisable to eat a serving of milk with whole grains. Other breakfast options are a banana, three to four biscuits of rye with a cup of tea, two slices of whole wheat bread, muesli with milk, peaches, yogurt or rye with jam and a cup of tea or milk.

● On the list of recommended foods for lunch and dinner is a serving of baked potatoes, peas, rice or beans, 200 grams of lean meat, preferably chicken, turkey, fish and more than two slices of bread. Both at lunch and in the evening to drink a cup of slightly warmed milk.

● Between meal snacks are also recommended one, preferably a full cereal bar, fruit or raw vegetables.

● Because hydration is essential during the day is recommended eight glasses of 250 ml of water per day, or two liters. In addition to water, you can still drink coffee, green or black tea, liquid will be included in the diet after the seventh day of treatment. These drinks should not be sweetened with sugar, this is ideal for semi-skimmed milk ..

● In addition, the authors recommend establishing a program of meals and strict observance.

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