Blatter: FIFA pyramid

Blatter: FIFA pyramid


Blatter: FIFA pyramid is about to be shaken to its foundations. What does that say FIFA president?

"FIFA pyramid is about to be shaken to its foundations, "he said Tuesday, Joseph Blatter, president of the international body on Wednesday in his speech opening the congress in Zurich.

"I was convinced, but I'm not sure of anything: football must play a coordinating role, to unify. I thought that we live in a world of fair-play and discipline, but it would be, no longer the case , FIFA pyramid is about to be shaken to its foundations, "said Blatter.

"There is a hidden danger, you have the opportunity Wednesday to talk about this hidden danger, the way we can fight to make sure that soccer, football, will play its unifying role in the future, " continued the president Blatter .

These statements contrast with the stance taken Monday night by Joseph Blatter, when bombarded with questions about the 2022 award CM Qatar, he said: "A crisis? What crisis? Where is the crisis? football is in crisis, not Champions League final you saw? We have only some difficulty. "

FIFA Congress opened Tuesday elections will take place Wednesday. Blatter has remained the only candidate in the race, after Mohammed Bin Hammam (62), Asian Football Confederation president, announced his candidacy withdrawal on Sunday, before being suspended during the investigation of corruption related to a presidential election June.

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