Ringtone thieves fools

Ringtone thieves fools: A boy of 13 wins a quarter of a million pounds for the invention system


A British school is about 13 years to win 250,000 pounds for his invention of a special ring tricks thieves and making them believe that someone is home, in an empty property.

Smart Bell, designed by Laurence Rook ring, get in touch by phone, computer owner, when not at home, allowing them to talk to who is the front door as if it would be beyond the door, according to Daily Mail Online.

The device even produces a certain amount of background noise, unexpected guests to give the impression that talking to someone on the inside through an intercom system.

Invention that uses a SIM card technology used in mobile phones would also allow the owners to give instructions to drivers making deliveries at home.

Laurence Rook has already sold 20,000 units in the telecommunications giant Commtel Innovate and finalize a deal with a second company for another 25,000 units.

When the agreement is signed, the boy will be richer by 250,000 pounds (280,634 euros).

The teenager said that initially conceived the idea because his mother fed the roads to pick up mail parcels arriving when there was nobody home. "When I started developing Smart Bell, but I realized that it could be very useful to deter thieves," the young delcarat.

"Most thieves first ring at the door to check if anyone is home, but the Smart Bell is the perfect way to counter this. If you go and a thief comes to the door and rings, ten seconds after connecting it to the phone will ring mobile and you will be able to get in touch directly with the front door, "says Laurence Young.

"There are even some background noise to sound like an intercom, and the thief will realize that in fact there is nobody inside the house," added the teenager.

Laurence Bell had the idea for the Smart School of inventions in a contest, with whom he won a scholarship to participate in the Trinity School in Croydon, south London, but could not compete because he had a prototype.

With the help of parents, Laurence was able finally to realize his plans after an actual prototype.

Less than 12 months of prototyping, the company prepares to launch Commtel Innovate Smart Bell product which will cost 40 pounds (45 euros). 

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