Neurons from skin cells! Researchers were able to transcribe a DNA sequence

Neurons from skin cells! Researchers were able to transcribe a DNA sequence

Researchers in California have managed to transform human epithelial cells in a few functional brain cells, according to a study published recently in the scientific journal Nature.

American scientists were able to transcribe a DNA sequence of human embryonic skin cells to create cells that behave like neurons, inform

This technique was successfully performed in mice in previous experiments.

According to scientists, the new method could have many applications in neurological research in the field and even to create neural cells capable of being transplanted.

Scientists have used genetically modified viruses to insert four different types of "transcription factors" in embryonic epithelial cells. These transcription factors play a major role in the process of "reading" the DNA encoding proteins and cells.

The introduction of four transcription factors had the effect of transforming a portion of epithelial cells in the neural cells that acted as.

Unlike other approaches used in the past, this process involves reprogramming skin cells to become stem cells, but a direct conversion of epithelial cells into neurons.

The new technique could be used in future to create new brain cells that could then be transplanted to patients suffering from various neural diseases.

The study was coordinated by Marius Wernig, a professor of pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine in California.

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