Phones emit radiation

What are the most dangerous and what phones emit radiation

After the World Health Organization has warned that mobile phone use may cause cancer and advised users to limit their use during various studies have appeared on the degree of danger that mobile phones have for health.

Site made ​​a classification of mobile phones by radiation they emit. According to the website, smart mobile phones emit radiation that can have negative effects on health. These rays are measured using specific absorption rate (SAR index or DAS).

DAS index is measured in watts per kilogram. In the European Union, the SAR is 2 W / kg averaged over ten grams of tissue, while the United States, phones sold should have a SAR level below 1.6 watts per kilogram (W / kg) for a total of 1 gram of tissue. For the entire exposure of the human body there is a limit of 0.08 W / kg averaged over the whole body.

Here is a selection of the best-selling mobile phones and the radiation which they emit:

Mobile phones with the highest index DAS:

1. Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro 1,61 W/kg

2. Sony Ericsson Satio 1,58 W/kg

3. BlackBerry Curve 9300 1,45 W/kg

4. BlackBerry Bold 9780 1,11 W/kg

5. Sony Ericsson Yendo 1,07 W/kg

6. Nokia C6 1,05 W/kg

7. Sony-Ericsson Vivaz 1,04 W/kg

8. Nokia N8 1,02 W/kg

9. BlackBerry Curve 8520 1,02 W/kg

10.Nokia 7230 0,97 W/kg

Mobile phones with the lowest index DAS:

1. Samsung Galaxy S 0,23 W/kg

2. Samsung Galaxy S 2 0,33 W/kg

3. HTC Desire S 0,35 W/kg

4. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 0,36 W/kg

5. Samsung Nexus S 0,5 W/kg

6. HTC 7 Mozart 0,53 W/kg

7. LG Optimus 2X P990 0,54 W/kg

8. iPhone 4 0,59 W/kg

9. Samsung Wave 2 0,62 W/kg

10. Samsung Player 5 0,63 W/kg

10 bis. HTC HD2 0,63 W/kg

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