Spectacular solar flare followed by a geomagnetic storm on Wednesday See how it will affect Earth

Spectacular solar flare, followed by a geomagnetic storm on Wednesday. See how it will affect Earth


An unusual solar flare, located by the NASA space observatory, the activity could disrupt Wednesday satellites, communications systems and terrestrial power grids.

NWS U.S. National Weather Service warned that 2006 was not a solar flare observed with such magnitude.

"On June 7 there was a solar flare of mean force (M-2) with a coronal mass ejection visually spectacular," said solar dynamic observatory American Space Agency.

"The cloud of particles rapidly rose and then returned to the surface, appears to cover an area almost half the solar surface," the observer added.

Since the eruption was not directly facing the Earth, its effects should remain "relatively weak", according to NASA.

Space Center of the NWS forecast described the eruption as "spectacular" and "likely to cause a minor to moderate geomagnetic storm, on 8 June, from 18.00 GMT (21.00 GMT).

Storm "contains a large quantity of high-energy protons (100 MeV), a situation which has not occurred since December 2006, NASA added.

Geomagnetic storm could cause disruptions in electric power and operation of satellites, particularly those of GPS, and could lead to modification of routes of passenger aircraft over the polar regions.

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