Explosion in Chisinau

Explosion in Chisinau: Tennis Federation president died in Moldova. Police did not preclude an attack

A Russian car number plates exploded Tuesday in downtown Chisinau, and one person died after the blast. The car was parked in the area for several days, said sources from the Interior Ministry, quoted by the website Infotag.

"We analyze several versions. The first version of the Lada car gas cylinder exploded, followed by a strong blast wave," said the head of the MIA's press service, Cyril Motpan.

According to the spokesperson of Commissioner General of Police, Adrian Jovmir, R. Tennis Federation president Igor Turcan, was injured in the explosion and was taken to hospital in serious condition. According to information circulating in the press, Igor Turcan campaign team would have led to an independent candidate for mayor Michael Godea capital.

Moldovan President of Tennis Federation, Igor Turcan, has died.


Deputy Director of the Emergency Hospital, Alan Vovc, told Info-Prim Neo that was diagnosed Turcan associated with trauma, open fracture of both legs and right femur, multiple wounds on his body and was in shock from IV. Igor Turcan, who was 38 years, died near 15.00.

Arrived on the spot, the mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca said that the explosion was injured one person.

Man injured, the independent candidate's campaign chief Michael Godea

Independent candidate for mayor of Chisinau Mihai Godea for PRO TV Chisinau on Tuesday confirmed that the president of Tennis Federation Igor Turcan injured in explosion in downtown, is the head of his campaign team.

Godea, which ranked fourth in the Chisinau mayoral election, receiving 0.82 percent of the vote, according to final outcomes Central Election Commission announced on Tuesday, declined to provide details about the incident. He said he would hold a press conference.

The press officer of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations, Liliana Puşcaşu, told Info-Prim Neo that the emergency call was received at 12.15, while firefighters fought the flames for about 20 minutes.

For the moment we do not know if it is a controlled explosion or accident.

The incident occurred near the Military Prosecutor, the newspaper said Time.

Police in Moldova does not exclude the hypothesis that the explosion is a bomb, according to PRO TV Chisinau.

Blast occurred at around 12.00. VAZ car that exploded on the street fully burned Column.

Moldovan police opened a criminal record for attempted murder in the case of Igor Turcan

According to the spokesperson of General Police, Adrian Jovmir, police do not yet know the causes which led to the explosion died Igor Turcan.

"Operational Service makes every effort to establish the circumstances in which the explosion occurred. Will be made based on a series of surveys that have been accumulated problelor," said spokesman General Police, Adrian Jovmir in a briefing .

Police conducting investigations, analyzing his work as chairman Igor Turcan Tennis Federation, and the businessman.

Igor Turcan, 38 years old, married and had two children. He led the campaign team of independent candidate for mayor of Chisinau Mihai Godea.

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