Icelandic eruption: Incredible images

Icelandic eruption: Incredible images

Icelandic eruption: Incredible images captured from space. Grimsvoetn Icelandic eruption ended Wednesday after more than four days of work, according to Icelandic geologists, removing the specter of a long air chaos as that caused, one year ago, the ash from the volcano Eyjafjoell.

Although it caused the cancellation of 100,000 flights and did not affect about eight million passengers Eyjafjoell that the volcano in 2010 as the largest peacetime air disturbance, the volcano was superior Grimsvoetn his neighbor, in geological terms.

Reaching 20 km altitude, the column rose more than twice the maximum altitude reached by the eruption of 2010. Also in the first 24 hours, Grimsvoetn volcano threw ash into the atmosphere more than Eyjafjoell volcano in 40 days, according to calculations by experts, quoted by the Icelandic media.

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