hackers in the United States are FBI informants

A quarter of hackers in the United States FBI informants

A quarter of U.S. hackers have been recruited by the federal authorities, according to the results of an investigation published by The Guardian newspaper journalism.


According to statistics, one quarter of hackers in the United States FBI informants and the Secret Service, offering information about people dealing with similar activities, informs The Guardian.

In many cases, online forums where they discuss a range of fraudulent activities are managed by FBI informants trying to track down persons involved in illegal activities.

According to the expert Eric Corley, editor of 2600, approximately 25 percent of U.S. criminals are informers of the federal authorities.

"There are dozens of hackers that were cast by people who had confidence, " confirms John Young, editor Cryptome site profile.

The most representative example of this phenomenon is Adrian Lamo, a hacker who found the soldier sentenced Bradley Manning, alleged to have offered thousands of secret documents Wikileaks site.

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