Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Leaf Nissan is the first electric car awarded five stars by Euro NCAP. After the first electric car tested by Euro NCAP, Mitsubishi i-MiEV has received four stars in crash tests, Nissan Leaf, the most "green" Japanese company, has received the maximum score.

Video crash test 2011

Front Occupant Protection

Front compartment remained intact in the front impact test. Structures around the center console and steering wheel have shown a certain risk of injury in the knee, depending on the size of occupants. In the pole side impact tests, Leaf has received the maximum score, all areas are well protected test dummies. Protection in the majority of the body was good, and in the chest was satisfactory. Leaf was tested with an active battery - have not happened by an electrical problem or other hazards caused by batteries during testing. The protection offered by the front seats and headrests in the event of rear impact has been billed as the poor.

Child Passengers

Based on the information shown for dummies, children, Leaf has received full marks for protecting children from 18 months in dynamic tests. Passenger airbag can be deactivated di mount a child seat facing backwards. However, information provided by car to learn the status of active / inactive of the airbag is not sufficiently visible.

Pedestrian Protection

The front bar offers a good protection in general, the impact with pedestrians. In most areas, a child's head to strike the hood will be protected well enough. But in case of impact with an adult protective hood offers a satisfactory or poor, depending on the area.

Safety Systems

The machine is equipped with ESP as standard and responded positively to the Euro NCAP. The driver and passenger are both reminders of the seat belt assembly as standard. In addition, there is also a speed limit in the standard car. Overall, the car's safety systems have received good scores.

Car tested: Nissan Leaf 80 kW electric, manufacturing 2011, weighing 1530 kg.

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