3d Human Body View

Human Body Inspector

Where exactly is the pituitary gland? You are now through the website dedicated to 3D visualization of the human body, and GE launched Healthymagination Healthline Networks, a website that also works, and that search engine

The site allows users to search Healthyline BodyMaps male and female bodies, rotate them 360 degrees and to access various organs or tissues, and to view various internal systems, such as muscular, neurological and skeletal.

For example, the map includes a list of anatomical terms. By clicking on the heart, leads to a larger picture of the organ, where you can access his chambers and arteries to obtain relevant information.


You can search also anatomical terms and articles related to symptoms or treatments, and to share information with friends. The site is the first of its kind available to all Internet users, according to developers. Body Unlike Google, the site does not require WebGL.

"Healthline BodyMaps is a web tool for improving education in health matters, which encourages consumers to make the best decisions regarding their health by connecting an innovative and interactive 3D model of the human body with medical search Healthline.com robust platform, " said CEO of Healthline, West Shell III.

"It is a perfect tool for use before, during or after a visit to the doctor - patient can learn the story behind an ultrasound image or to understand how similar symptoms may be experienced in different conditions. "

The site contains over 950 images based on scans of the human body created by the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project. Zoom function might be added in future. BodyMaps is linked to Healthline search functions, which contains over two million terms classified in more than 400,000 health care concepts, "says Shell.

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