Epidemic caused by contaminated with the bacterium E

Epidemic caused by contaminated with the bacterium E. coli cucumbers threatens Romania. See what you can do to avoid getting sick

Update ! - E. coli bacteria affecting Germany arrived in Sweden: about 40 cases of contamination, including 15 serious see more >>

Update ! At least 11 people died in Germany due to E. coli bacteria See >>

Cucumbers, which are believed to have been imported from Spain, were contaminated with E.coli bacteria. Many people, perhaps hundreds, have presented serious disorder called hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).


Aggressive forms of E.coli can cause impaired kidney or central nervous system problems. Most cases were recorded in the area of ​​Hamburg.

European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it is one of the most "extensive epidemic HUS type in the world and the largest recorded in Germany."

Helge Karch, a professor at Munster University, warned that the epidemic is not over: "There may be a secondary infection, ie a transmission from person to person. It takes special care of personal hygiene."

Number of people who died in Germany due to the spread of E. coli bacteria, found in cucumber, reached at least ten, informs BBC News Online.

Czech officials have said that shipments of cucumbers were probably exported there, just as in Austria, Hungary and Luxembourg.

Cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome have been reported in Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and United Kingdom, persons who have traveled to Germany.

    ANSVSA: In Romania, there are lots of cucumbers in Spain from E. coli infections that occurred

In Romania, there are lots of cucumbers in Spain came from occurring bacterium E. coli infections, announced Sunday, the National Veterinary and Food Safety, adding that those who fell ill did not wash the vegetables well before to consume them.

Management ordered all Departments ANSVSA Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety (DSVSA) county continue to monitor retail chains, especially organic vegetables grown in manure, those of E. coli infections that can occur is shown in a press release from the authority.

"We note that our country, intra-Community trade, has not received this type of vegetable plots," said the source cited.

ANSVSA indicates that the infection of nearly 200 people in Germany with the bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli) was possible, according to data submitted by the German veterinary authorities, because they failed to meet minimum hygiene standards for the consumption of cucumber -import bio Spain, that washed under running water.

"To better understand the population of Romania, we must say that, basically, in this case it is not a food safety problem itself, but a problem in complying with minimum standards of hygiene in the handling and consumption these organic vegetables increased, as washed under running water, washing hands and utensils after handling any type of vegetable, etc. this. normal things, we learn of small family and at school, but sometimes we forget! Therefore, we reiterate that, especially this time when eat more vegetables, you should wash them under running water before eating them and we need to wash hands, especially in children, elderly and sick people with lower immunity, especially in their cases because the bacterium Escherichia coli can cause severe forms of disease, "said President ANSVSA, Radu Roatiş-Cretan, quoted in the statement.

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