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ASUS Mars II (GeForce 590 GTX ) 

The ASUS Mars II is actualy a supercharged GeForce 590 GTX under hood and is very powerful. I can say is the most wanted and performant video Card at this moment !

If you want to see gaming performance results , temperatures, noise level and more enter here to see >>

Acer Aspire 8950G

This Laptop is creme de la creme at this price ( almost 2000 euros ) but is powerful that is true. With this notebook you can play latest games without a problem at good FPS (frames per second) and 3d application and blueray of course.

See Review and Driver ready for download see here >>

Cars Section with info, videos, photos, testing, drifts, racing, contests for Car Lovers !

Audi A1 Tuning

Beauty, Power, Elegance is Audi

5 Models Presented         see details >>

Opel Astra GTC Road accidents: the ultimate challenge for engineers designing chassis. 

High-tech front suspension enhances the attractiveness of the GTC 
                                      See details >>

New BMW M3 by Vorsteiner lollipop is most desirable in the Universe. Although at first glance the connection between the lollipops and supercars seems almost nonexistent, it is actually very close. And the latest creation from Vorsteiner is the perfect proof of this. A candy cane is,  Read This >>

You think you know these things ?

A Snake with secrets ? is normal but we need to find out those secrets to better life. Burmese python could hold the secret to a good heart health of people. 

Burmese python, one of the largest snakes in the world, could hold the secret for new treatments that could prevent or combat human heart disease

See Entire Article >

Coffee, remedy against skin cancer new details discovered. Regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of a type of skin cancer, say the authors of a study published Monday to accredit the idea that this drink has really anticancer properties.

According to previous studies, coffee contributes to decreased risk of prostate cancer and tumors see more >

Youth without old sounds good ? Maybe will be a dream come reality, who knows ? or maybe will never be in real life ? But French scientists say :

We can get rid of oldness ? French scientists played youth of cells 100 years (impressive). French researchers were able to restore youth to cells taken from people aged over 100 years, reschedule them to stage stem cells, demonstrating that aging is .....

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Russia launched to ISS cargo vehicle type, the first after the failure in August 2011. Vehicle lifted off  in Kazakhstan on Baikonur Cosmodrome

at 10.11 GMT, powered by a Soyuz-U rocket. After a few minutes after launch, the Progress reached on earth orbit, as they expected, announced space flight control center.

See this article now >

Brand new News, Must know that !!

We present only the news that deserves known and read Technology Area

Around the World in 60 seconds - 

How does lightning seen from space. A 60-second video made ​​with images taken by the International Space Station shows the Earth as never been seen until now.

See Details >>

A new anti-stress method MBSR mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. From four magical letters: MBSR mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in stress and disappears. It is a very popular way to New York because it fails to control stress

See more details >>

U.S. satellite enters the Earth's atmosphere on or around September 23. The area where it will fall has not yet been identified. A U.S. satellite will fall to Earth on or around September 23, in a region that has not yet been identified, scientists at NASA announced on Friday, stating that risks to people is "insignificant" because most of the the device will burn into the atmosphere. see >>

Planet of Skywalker in "Star Wars" even really exist in our galaxy.U.S. astronomers have discovered a planet revolving around two stars, such as "planet of Luke Skywalker" in "Star Wars", according to a study published Thursday in the U.S., a discovery that is a first in the history of astronomy.

See the news >

These days if you dont know something then your friends can call you in many ways, but with us you will stay informed about whats most inportant thing in the world. Every day something is happen so read in minutes couple articles per day to improve your knowledge.  

New More Eco Boeing > - Hepatite B and C >

This page is built for you, to enrich your knowledge we keep you informed ! human brain is capable of storing so much information so load and these

Shocking: Women who had surgery to lose weight, but he lost both legs see >

For Windows 8 will be able to make calls to mobile see >

Scientists have discovered a method to disarm HIV see >

Myth shattered: Beer not fattening. Health experts recommend two to three glasses of beer per day, including diet see >

Saffron can destroy tumors with minimal side effects >

Men are biologically programmed to care for their children >

Obesity leads to lower brain! Obesity or even slightly exceeded the normal weight is devastating to the brain. Not only does it alter its physical structure, causing memory loss and an increased risk of dementia, but may age prematurely gray matter. Read More >>

A Russian company wants to open a hotel in space by 2016

The "black" planet: Astronomers have discovered a dark world so that would seem bright coal

Plesiozaurus were livebearers

Lost Contact with Falcon HTV-2

Interview with a baby 1 year old

Falcon HTV-2

While watching TV? What does the screen state in more than two hours a day. Researchers have shown that watching television for more than two hours each day can lead to an early death. They found that every two hours spent watching TV, a person has a 20% higher risk of developing type II diabetes, 15% more likely to have heart disease and 13% higher than the die of another cause...more


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