Lost Contact with Falcon HTV-2

The U.S. military has lost contact with the Falcon HTV-2 hypersonic plane (Bermude triangle ? )


The U.S. military has lost contact with a hypersonic unmanned aircraft, currently under testing, the Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle 2 (HTV-2), shortly after being released Thursday, said defense officials, quoted by BBC News online.

HTV-2 plane, which should reach speeds of 21,000 km / h and reach any target in the world in less than an hour, was released Thursday morning, with a Minotaur IV rocket, from the Force Vanderberg air, California.

Engineers progamat HTV-2 to launch the limited space, to separate from the rocket and crash into the ocean. It is not yet known whether the mission goals were achieved.

Projects Agency and U.S. Defense Advanced Research (DARPA), HTV-2 program which funds and oversees the tests, said that small aircraft is able to reach Mach 20 speed. DARPA also stated that HTV-2 will be subjected to temperatures of 2,000 degrees Celsius if you reach the desired speed during the tests.

The first flight test of a HTV-2 ended with its collapse into the Pacific Ocean, after the Pentagon lost contact with your nine minutes after launch. However, the aircraft passed 139 seconds of data for wind speeds 17 to 22 times the speed of sound, according to DARPA.

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