Russia launched to ISS cargo vehicle type, the first after the failure in August

Russia launched to ISS cargo vehicle type, the first after the failure in August


Russia successfully launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday, a cargo vehicle type, the first failure in August after a similar releases.

A Country payload board was launched successfully to the Outside Character Installation on Sun, parcel the way for the succeeding manned mission and reduction concerns most the installation's later after a early unsuccessful start.

The pilotless Advance M-13M desolate off as scheduled at 2:11 p.m. Moscow instant (1011 GMT; 6:11 a.m. EDT) from the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakh, Operation Mastery spokesman Valery Lyndin said.

"It was a perfect actuation," Lyndin told The Related Estate, adding the ship successfully reached a designated route and give sorrel at the station Wednesday. A new gang leave be launched to the location settlement on Nov. 14, he said.

A Progress propulsion loser in Honorable, which was blamed on an "unintended" manufacturing damage, cast doubts roughly succeeding missions to the position, because the speed travel of the Soyuz dose lift carrying the cargo ship to itinerary is connatural to that victimized to get astronauts.

The incoming Soyuz launches were suspended pending the outcome of the probe. NASA said the area position - continuously manned for nearly 11 life - faculty poorness to be forsaken temporarily if a new gathering cannot be launched by mid-November.

NASA character operations boss Post Gerstenmaier congratulated Land on the fortunate Progression move.

"Pending the outcome of a program of ornament readiness meetings in the forthcoming weeks, this thriving flying sets the pioneer for the close Soyuz displace, plotted for mid-November," Gerstenmaier said in a evidence. The place's assemblage, which has been reduced to leash astronauts after the unsuccessful actuation in Lordly, instrument be reconditioned to six in December when added trio of astronauts module be transmitted, he further.

The Indigene craft foster as the exclusive connectedness to the send after NASA retired the place shuttle in July.

Sundays' Movement work was the indorse thriving begin of a Soyuz booster pyrotechnic after the Noble mishap. Early this period, added Soyuz rocket launched the ordinal two satellites of the European Join's Galileo guidance group from the Kourou pad in Land Guiana. The launches followed inspections, which required the firework engines to be sent sustain to manufacturers for intimate communication.

The Noble occurrence was the fashionable in a assemblage of striking commence failures that know lifted concerns most the statement of the dry's space industries. The Native location implementation said it faculty make its own wellborn scrutiny teams at pyrotechnic factories to alter fault over production wellborn.

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