A Russian company wants to open a hotel in space by 2016

A Russian company wants to open a hotel in space by 2016


A Russian company said on Tuesday he wants to build a hotel in space, at an altitude of 350 kilometers above the Earth, and the building will be opened by 2016, informs dailymail.co.uk.

The hotel - named, in fact, Commercial Space Station - can accommodate seven guests in four cabins, and will have some huge portholes where Earth will be seen.

The road to the hotel itself will be an adventure: two days spent on board a Soyuz capsule. A five-day stay will cost 100,000 pounds (about 114,000 euros), plus transportation amount - 500,000 pounds (about 570,000 euros).

Commercial Space Station will be, according to the developers, "more comfortable" than the International Space Station (ISS), astronauts used.

In the absence of gravity, visitors can choose as their beds are vertical or horizontal, while showers will not exist to prevent water from flowing into places where it is not recommended - the International Space Station astronauts wash using sponges during their stay in space.

Toilets of the hotel will use air currents, not water, to eliminate waste.

Tourists will be joined by experienced staff, will have meals brought from the Earth to be heated in microwave ovens. Hotel owners plan to give up ordinary frozen food containers on the ISS and replace them with delicacies such as veal smothered with wild mushrooms, bean beaten, potato soup and plum compote. Guests will be provided with ice tea, mineral water, fruit juice, but alcohol will be banned.

Water used will be recycled, and the air will be filtered to remove odors and bacteria.

The hotel rooms will be equipped with binoculars and cameras for guests to enjoy the spectacular intergalactic landscapes.

Sergei Kostenko, head of Orbital Technologies, which will build the hotel, said: "Our way will not mention the International Space Station. A hotel to be comfortable inside, and guests will be able to see Earth through large portholes." "Hotel for wealthy individuals and people working pentrru private companies who want to do research in space," he said.

It is possible that tourists themselves become hosts for the hotel could be used as emergency outpost astronauts on the ISS.

ISS space is a project worth 100 billion dollars, mainly financed by the United States and the achievement of which involved 16 countries. The station is permanently occupied since November 2000, joint teams, made up mainly of Russian and American astronauts, who are replaced by new crew of astronauts every six months.

ISS is in orbit at an altitude of 350 kilometers, making one complete revolution around the Earth every 90 minutes surfing the average speed of 28,000 km / hour. Weighing over 408 tons, ISS offers a living space equivalent of a Boeing 747.

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