Opel Ampera

Opel Ampera  The first electric vehicle that can be driven anywhere, anytime

Opel establishes a new dimension of mobility and keep the promise: the revolutionary, stylish and practical electric vehicle Opel Amper is the first European to provide mobility to "run anywhere, anytime." Deliveries will begin series of amps before the end of this year.

Gates Ampera are electrically operated continuously. A lithium-ion battery powered only 16 kWh advanced electric propulsion unit with an output of 111 kW / 150 HP to ensure the operation distance between 40 and 80 km electric only propulsion and zero emissions - depending on road , driving style and temperature - when the battery is fully charged. According to standard ECE R101 for measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels, Ampera consume less than 1.6 l/100 km and emission recorded a value below 40 g CO2/km (preliminary data).

Road, electric propulsion system of endowment Ampera Voltec provide energetic performances and promises a driving experience unmatched. Instant torque of 370 Nm enabling acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in about 9 seconds and a top speed of 161 km / h. The amps provide leadership in conditions of almost complete silence when operating on battery performance and extremely refined in terms of noise, vibration and harshness, even in extended-range driving mode.

Intelligence function and practice of autonomy extended to eliminate anxieties caused Ampera autonomy, the driver enjoying the confidence and safety of that vehicle will not stop the battery discharging. Offers numerous environmental benefits Ampera and energetic performance of driving a vehicle powered by battery, without any inconvenience.

Attractive design of Ampera is as innovative and unique electric propulsion system Voltec. Elegant and aerodynamic styling and interior are applied in which conventional switches and gauges were replaced with high definition color touch screen.

Ampera is also and very practical. 5-door configuration offers enough space for four adults, fully reclining seats and a trunk with a capacity of 310 liters.

The amps that will be marketed later this year, customize Opel tradition of offering advanced technologies that provide practical benefits to a realistic price. Like all other vehicles Opel Ampera has a warranty for the entire life cycle of autovehiculului/160.000 km in Germany and Britain and has a warranty of 8 ani/160.000 km battery.

The amps will be sold in Europe at a MSRP of 42,900 euros (including VAT, prices may vary depending on the values ​​of each country's tax and equipment levels). Unlike other manufacturers, the price list does not generate confusion Opel, indicating each time the total cost of the vehicle and battery.

Ampera was warmly received. Has already won numerous awards by the specialized press and public. Electric vehicle developed by Opel electrifies also thousands of ePionieri throughout Europe. These are potential customers, among the first conducted a road test Ampera. They receive information and exclusive services, besides many other advantages. More than 5,000 potential customers have decided to join the community through the website ePionieri www.opel-ampera.com. Opel estimates that in 2012 will be sold around 10,000 units amps.

"Unlike a conventional electric vehicle, the Opel amps may be the only car you need," says Alain Visser, Vice President Sales, Marketing and after-sale service Opel. "The amps have everything you need: a revolutionary propulsion system, an avant garde style, high safety, high quality features and easy to use, all with excellent driving dynamics."

While independent studies conducted indicate that autonomy resulting from the exclusive power and zero-emission battery amps model is sufficient to meet daily needs of 80% of European drivers, the model to ensure total autonomy extended to over 500 kilometers due to motor gasoline that exinde autonomy. It is designed to generate electricity when the battery has reached the minimum load. 

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