Urban Concept Spyder

Urban Concept Spyder - A spectacular new concept Audi


Combines the body of a Mazda MX-5 with a Toyota iQ seats and chassis of a Nissan LEAF, then add a strong German tinge. Therefore, we can say that you get what could be considered essentially the spectacular Audi Spyder Concept Urban - model that will debut this autumn at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

As expected, the new Audi Spyder Concept Urban will enjoy the same basic recipe as the original Urban Concept. In short, this means that in the case of the latest creations from Ingolstadt will be dealing with a set of 21 inch wheels able to attract all eyes upon him, a cockpit made of carbon fiber and an arrangement of Type 1 seat 1.

Moreover, the similarities continue into the exterior design. As a result, the spectacular Urban Concept Spyder is distinguished by a pair of side panels of the R8, component followed closely by its large front grille and LED habitual. In addition, as a concept car recipe can be considered successful if the door does not include the presence of 'crazy' latest creation Germans promise that open doors set in a way totally unique.

Like the original Urban Concept, Audi Spyder Concept Urban's body hidden under a carefully carved-electric powertrain, consisting of two motors and a lithium-ion battery. Official figures are missing at this moment, but the Ingolstadt insist that impressive or concept will have an extremely fulminant acceleration. If it is so or not remains to be seen. In autumn, the 2011 edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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