VW Tiguan

VW Tuning: ABT unveils first tuning package for the new VW Tiguan


Has recently undergone a facelift, the Volkswagen Tiguan now enjoy not only a range of highly efficient engines, but also a more modern design than ever. Even so, it seems that these reasons were not enough strong enough to keep them apart from those of the popular SUV in Wolfsburg ABT.

After only three weeks, the Germans from ABT delight the world with the first package of improvements for the new Volkswagen Beetle. Today, the famous tuning company based in Kempten comes with a new premiere. A premiere that has as main actors facelift version of the Tiguan SUV and a full package of changes.

Starting from the outside, the popular model was equipped with a new aerodynamic kit, which brings quite subtle components. Subtle, but attractive. More specifically, the front stands now with a new grille, while the rear received both a new roof spoiler, and a new diffuser, which gadzuieste four silencers and exhaust system. List of magical ingredients continues with side inserts present in the thresholds, but the final note on wheels ranging in size from 18 to 20 inches - change followed closely by the appearance of new springs, which lowers the few tens of millimeters.

For those who want more than that, the Germans from ABT prepared a series of increases in power available for most engines under the hood of the new Volkswagen Tiguan hidden. More specifically, things are as follows: Starting from version 1.4 TSI 160 hp, the company Kempten squeezed an extra 50 horsepower, the end result is an impressive 210 hp. An extra dose of power and owners will enjoy the 2.0 TSI engine variants, from the ABT reaching values ​​exceeding 210, respectively reach 250 hp - after he started at 180, 210 horsepower respectively.

As expected, the owners have not been forgotten or turbodiesel engines models. In this case were taken in the viewfinder the two versions of the 2.0 TDI unit, the maximum climbing after ABT treatment to 170, respectively 195 hp - after he started at 140, 170 horsepower respectively. In terms of the amount charged by German tuner for the new Volkswagen Tiguan changes made, it was not currently disclosed ..

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