A new anti-stress method

A new anti-stress method MBSR mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 

From four magical letters: MBSR mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in stress and disappears. It is a very popular way to New York because it fails to control stress, risk factor mentioned in a long list of severe diseases, but also to extend the well, relaxing summer vacation gained.


Since doctor Kabt Zinn Jon has designed and launched new anti-stress way to New York they say, more in jest, in earnest, that people are more relaxed. American biologist Jon Kabat Zinn is professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical

He developed method combining MBSR meditation with some yoga techniques. The basic principle of the method consists in accepting tense situations daily. According to Jon Kabat Zinn Professor, denying the feeling of stress, negative thoughts or physical discomfort is unnecessary and harmful. Resolution comes from acceptance. It is not easy, admits AME-Rican researcher. But to learn! In an eight-week program, learn stress management MBSR followers method on its own.


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