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Risen 2 April 2012 for PC Guides

Here is the list with available well explained guides :

Risen 2 Dark Waters Location of Shaman on Maracai Bay >

Risen 2 Dark Waters Location of Water Temple from SteelBeard Ghost >

What to do after you kill Garcia Guide >

Fire Temple Location on Map >

How to unlock Chests or Doors Guide >

Last 2 Gargoyle Eggs Location on Map Storm Island >

Risen 2 Dark Waters : Caldera High Council Meeting Guide >

How to create a woodoo doll for Maurigato in Caldera guide >

How to use Woodoo Magic with Fear and Power Sceptre guide >

Risen 2 Dark Waters How to enter in Garcia`s Room in Hotel from Caldera guide >

How to complete Akando quest The Thiefs Curse guide >

How to enter to High Council and how steal Signet Ring and Mauregatos key for Azuro

How to steal Signet Ring and Mauregatos key guide >

How to get a Parrot to distract enemy in fights see guide >

SteelBeard`s Notes How to find Steelbeard`s chest in Tacarigua see guide >

Monkey Taming How to transform in a monkey guide >

How to kill Gnome Eater Trick see guide >

Woodoo Altar in Antigua Map Location Guide >

How to buy cannons for Captain Slayne in Antigua Guide >

Recruit new Helsman for Captain Slayne in Antigua guide >

Fresh Fish for Captain Slayne requirements and kill Hobgoblin see >

Risen 2 Dark Waters How to Sabotage Cannon`s Guide see >

Risen 2 Dark Waters Find Chani and how to finish quest The Puppet see >

How to enter in Earth Temple and to steal Bakir hair see >

Make Pete Treasure Map quest to impress SteelBeard see >

How to create Jim`s Woodoo doll guide see it >

Risen 2 Dark Waters How to defeat Captain Crow and his Monster Guide >

How to steal Largo`s Black Pearl ears from Carter Guide >

Risen 2 How to learn PickPocketing and where to Guide >

Risen 2 Dark Waters How to steal a bottle of rum from Alister Guide >

Risen 2 Dark Waters: How to do it on Riley to duel you Guide >

How to Learn to Sneak and how to Steal Guide >

How to get to the Pirates Den Camp guide >

How to get clothes for Free to meet the Governor guide >


Some Beautiful Screenshots with Nice Colors !

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Risen 2: Dark Waters @ 2012 Best RPG of Year !


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