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Note ! This game contains Violence 18 +

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Some Advices for new players :

1. Buy ammo and grenades every time, because when you die, automaticaly your weapons will be refilled.

2. Dont buy a secondary weapon , if you use assault rifles

3. Press 5 if you run out of ammo or grenades, OR you want to change weapon !!

This game is so great ! I need to share this to all gamers ! I`ve heard of this game APB (All Points Bulletin) a year or two ago but then was to pay..Pay to Play style PTP.

Now is Free ..yuuup and si cool game if you like GTA style games with open world, cars , weapons , gangs, gangsters, police, enforcers, war in town actualy.

This game needs some powerfull machine to play but have good graphics so is worth it.

I play with a I5 750 3 Ghz , 4 GB of Ram and a geforce GTS 250 512 MB on windows 7 32 bits.

If you have crashes on game on windows 7 32 bits then you need to do something !

So look at this video to solve this crashes on APB Reloaded 2011 - 2012

  Video Guide to Solve Crash 


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