The "black" planet: Astronomers have discovered a dark world so that would seem bright coal

The "black" planet: Astronomers have discovered a dark world so that would seem bright coal


Astronomers have discovered the darker exoplanets known so far, a gas giant the size of Jupiter, called TrES-2b. Measurements showed that the planet reflects less than one percent of the light received from its star, according to a study published by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) in the UK.

In our solar system, Jupiter is bright ammonia clouds wrapped in reflecting more than a third of the sunlight. In contrast, TrES-2b, which was discovered in 2006 by Trans-Atlantic exoplanet Survey (TrES), is devoid of clouds that reflect light due to high temperature.

Exoplanet is an orbit very close to its star at a distance of 5 million kilometers. Dazzle the star hits the planet TrES-2b with a temperature greater than 1000 degrees Celsius, too hot for clouds of ammonia.

Exotic planets atmosphere contains chemicals that absorb light, such as sodium and potassium vapor or titanium oxide gazos.Cu However none of these chemicals does not explain the "darkness" exoplanets.

"TrES-2b has a considerably lower power than reflective acrylic paint the black, so it is a truly unknown," said David Kipping, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, in a statement the Royal Astronomical Society.

Astronomers determined the planet TrES-2b reflectivity using Kepler space telescope, which is designed to measure the brightness of distant stars with high accuracy.

The team that monitored the exoplanet concluded that the orbit of TrES-2b is the same type as our Moon, with phases just like Earth's moon and pointing toward the central star the same side always.

Exoplanet TrES-2b, orbiting the star GSC 03549-02811 is located about 750 light years away, towards the Dragon constellation.

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