Tuning Audi A1 five sites that know how to impress

Tuning Audi A1 five sites that know how to impress

Launched last year at the Geneva Motor Show, the Audi A1 is not only perfect for urban walks, but promises to solve the problem and challenge any parking. However, it seems that the German model design is not please everyone, so intervention may be different than tuners are welcome.

Audi A1 by HS Motorsport

First, and one of the most interesting proposal comes from those of HS Motorsport and consists of numerous improvements - both technical and aesthetic. On the technical level, the German company chose to deal with the 1.4 TSI, which has trained an additional 25 hp and 50 Nm - so climbing peaks up to 147 horsepower and 250 Nm. All the technical improvements chapter specify and centrally mounted exhaust like those presented on the Volkswagen Golf R coilover suspension that H & R drops the ride height by about 55-60 millimeters.

In terms of aesthetics, the new Audi A1 by HS Motorsport was dressed in a shade of gray special, while regular shoes were replaced with some that measures a generous 18 inches. In this case, the German company did not forget the music lovers, the German Alpine receiving an audio system. Also, neither inside not escaped and now comes bundled with Recaro Sportster CS seats.

Audi A1 by ABT

ABT version, the new Audi A1 seems to smile no matter the angle from which you look. The reasons remain a mystery, but we are pretty sure that everything happens because of that paintjob happy, accompanied by reasons and how fun it can be alive. Luckily for fans of aesthetic changes, tuning package includes a new aerodynamic kit - consisting of elements such as extending the spoiler front and rear bumper diffuser for plus-sized wheels up to 18 inches.

Under the hood, well-known company from Kempten has opted to modify the same 1.4 turbo, which now develops no less than 210 horsepower. Performance? If I was put this question, mention that little Ingolstadt model accelerates from 0-100 km / h in just 6.6 seconds while top speed is 240 km / h. Other technical details include bows and sport exhaust system, centrally mounted.

 Tuning Audi A1 by Senner

Senner Tuning Audi A1 and have all met over the years, but last pairing seems to have given birth and the most successful project. The whole list of goodies model revolves around the 1.4-liter TFSI engine that, after optimization of the control unit and installing a new exhaust system produces about 165 horsepower and 265 Nm. Moreover, the creation of Senner Tuning and enjoy the presence of an adjustable suspension, proudly bearing the logo of the KW.

In terms of aesthetic package, the new Audi A1 stands out in a body finished in two colors, equipped with extension to front spoiler, rear bumper diffuser, side skirts and 19 inch wheels Tzunamee Barracuda. In this case we can talk and numerous interior improvements, such as sports seats, special floor mats and upholstery in the same two colors present in the exterior.

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