Shocking: Women who had surgery to lose weight, but he lost both legs

Shocking: Women who had surgery to lose weight, but he lost both legs


A woman who weighed 126 pounds and lost both legs after being subjected to surgery to lose weight.

Mary Beth Ruphard was operated in Illinois to lose weight and gave the hospital to court, claiming that it was not properly cared for when complications arose, write

She says he chose to perform the surgery because they worry about his health.

"I just wanted to live longer. Diabetes and hypertension were risk factors for my health," said Mary Beth Ruphard.

She said the hospital staff in Joliet, Illinois has not properly looked after her when he returned because of complications. Subsequently, both legs have been amputated because of blood clots.

"I complained a nurse. I said I felt tingling and itching in the legs," said the woman, saying he did not receive immediate care because it was Thanksgiving.

Medical notes showed that women's feet were cold and purple, and it has not felt below the knee, but did not take any immediate action, the lawyer said.

The doctor who tried to save legs was called after 36 hours, at which point it was too late.

Mary Beth Ruphard accused the hospital that he knew about the blood clot that we have, but not properly monitored because it was a Thanksgiving holiday.

Article writed on 23 september 2011

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