Falcon HTV-2

A new weapon against terrorists: U.S. tested an airplane which he launches into space - VIDEO


An experimental unmanned aircraft that can reach a speed of 20.900 miles per hour, will be tested Thursday. Falcon HTV-2 will be launched into space aboard a rocket, then return to Earth.

Previous test flight lasted only nine minutes, and the aircraft was destroyed intentionally, as a safety measure because of technical difficulties, reports dailymail.co.uk.

If weather allows, the rocket that will fly in space will take off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Once in space, rocket plane will separate and descend to Earth at a tremendous speed. The road between New York and Los Angeles, which normally takes five hours, may be covered by this aircraft in just 12 minutes.

Project is the Pentagon and Research Agency Defence Project and is part of a generation of hypersonic weapons that can strike faster than rockets. U.S. Army hopes that these aircraft will eliminate terrorists from all over the world in less than an hour.

Dave Neyland, director of the Office of the Tactical Research Projects Agency Defense, said that the institution wants to know more technical data to support the development of supersonic technology.

"We gained valuable data from the first flight, I made ​​some changes to improve the plane and now we are ready to test," said Dave Neyland.

First Flight of the Falcon has collected data on aerodynamics, navigation, and how heat affects air. Engineers have found the exact reason of failure of the first flight, which took place in April last year, but there has been speculation that the plane was hot too.

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