ASUS Mars II GeForce 590 GTX

We present most powerfull performant GPU Video Card from entire WORLD

ASUS Mars II GeForce 590 GTX


Do you want something powerfull for games ? Then a video card is answer and this is ASUS Mars II GeForce 590 GTX Video Card and costs about 1300 Euros !!! wow !

What you need to know about This card before buy ? 

1. Power Consumption

2. Temperature

3. Noise Level dba

4. Performance

Let`s see what this card can do :

Measured power consumption

 - System in IDLE result 182W

 - System Wattage with GPU in FULL Stress result 562W

 - Difference (GPU load) result 380W

 - Add average IDLE wattage  50W

 - Subjective obtained GPU power consumption result  430W


Asus Mars II compared with Geforce GTX 590 SLI mode

Asus Mars II idle - 43 Degrees C

Asus Mars II Load - 74 Degrees C

Geforce GTX 590 SLI idle - 46 Degrees C

Geforce GTX 590 SLI Load - 86 Degrees C

Noise Levels Dba

Asus Mars II idle - 38 dba

Asus Mars II Load - 43 dba

Geforce GTX 590 SLI idle - 38 dba

Geforce GTX 590 SLI Load - 44 dba

Performance in Games and software

Crysis 2 High Resolution Texture Pack

DirectX 11

Ultra Quality settings 4x AA 1920x1200

Asus Mars II = 90 FPS - Geforce GTX 590 SLI = 74 FPS

Metro 2033 - The Last Refuge

DirectX 11

4xMSAA PHYSX OFF resolution 1920x1200

Asus Mars II = 65 FPS - Geforce GTX 590 SLI = 55 FPS

3DMark Vantage 2010 GPU Score !

Asus Mars II = score 39466 - Geforce GTX 590 SLI = score 33877

Actualy the Asus Mars II is a modified tuned Geforce GTX 590 !

Enjoy ! Other reviews here >

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Article created/updated on 23 september 2011

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