Panasonic Toughbook CF-53

Panasonic Toughbook CF-53

Stronger, lighter and more flexible

The new notebook comes in three versions designed for use on land, in the car or by business travelers

Panasonic, the global leader in Rugged Notebook, announces the release of the Toughbook CF-53. The notebook is the ideal companion for work on the ground easily, business trips, offering superior performance of a desktop, but also a range of day. Being a semi-ruggedized model, Toughbook CF-53 can be exposed to more difficult environmental situations, which would make useless a regular notebook.

In the new model are semi-ruggedized notebook combined experience of 16 years both in the manufacture of this type of Panasonic's portable computer and the latest IT technologies.

The entire series of Toughbook notebook was equipped with the second generation of Intel ® Core ™ i5-2520M vPro ™ for increased operational performance and graphics engine Intel ® Q67 Express Chipset to enhance multimedia capabilities. HD LED screen diagonal of 14 inches has an anti-reflective and anti-glare for easy use both indoors and outside in open air or sunlight. Because USB 3.0 ports, users can transfer data much faster external storage media USB 3.0 compatible.

Toughbook CF-53 is 15% lighter and 5% thinner than the previous generation, and is provided with a special handle that facilitates transport or. Ideal for use in small and medium-sized companies in the field, CF-53 is designed according to the criteria used in military standards, which means that it is still functional after it was dropped from heights up to 76cm or after it was exposed vibration and moisture. When used on land, Toughbook CF-53 easily handle bumps and scratches due to daily magnesium casing, steel hinges, impact protection systems in case of key components such as screen and hard drive, proving and water-resistance and (for keyboard).

Toughbook CF-53 is equipped with Ericsson's 3G-F5521GW-mode HSPA + (DL: 21 Mbps), wireless ready and optional connection manager function * Wake On Wireless thus ensuring all those working remotely permanent connectivity. With Intel ® chipset QM67 Express is available and anti-theft function.

Ports are missing from equipping the new classical model, the notebook is scheduled for more flexibility with a serial connector or two PC Card slots (only automotive version) and the second LAN port, making it ideal for use for automotive diagnostics.

* Preconfiguration and require special support.

In addition to the standard model, CF-53 comes with two versions.

CF-53 Touchscreen

The Toughbook CF-53 Touchscreen is designed for those who need a tactile interface for data input when working on the ground in sunlight. The unit includes a widescreen HD display, touch, high brightness and a circular polarizer to minimize the reflection of sunlight. CircumLuminTM Panasonic technology helps to better visibility in all environmental conditions. The notebook also comes with a backlit option for the keyboard so that it can be used in a dark environment.

CF-53 Automotive

Automotive Toughbook CF-53 is designed for use in research and development in the automotive industry. Featuring optimized ports, two PC Card slots and respecting industry standards, the model can be adapted easily to meet various requirements of automotive technicians.

Flexibility and customization options thanks to increased special

To increase flexibility and to give greater freedom in customizing configurations, Toughbook CF-53 comes with several special features. USB port chassis type Fischer-resistant or hard-disk sub-zero temperatures make a CF-53 notebook more resistant for use in outdoor environments. Optional high capacity battery "road warrior" 92Wh 9-cell and can provide users who are traveling more in a range of laptop a day without needing recharging.

Other options such as front webcam, backlit keyboard and slot with flexible configuration * provides comfort on the ability to configure customized depending on the project notebook is used.

* Please check with the sales consultant from Panasonic.

In addition to security applications software provided by Panasonic, PC can be equipped with an optional smartcard, the ability to recognize fingerprints and a management application in case of theft.

"The Toughbook CF-53 combines performance, reliability and affordability in a single model that you can use equally well whether working from home in a small or large organization, inside or outside in the garage or workshop plane. Because of their ability to sustain operations in a variety of different environments, but also affordable price for a laptop with MIL-STD certified design, we expect to become the best selling semi-ruggedized notebook model in Europe, "said Stephen Yeo, European Marketing Manager for Panasonic Toughbook.

Toughbook CF-53 will be sold in June. The standard version will cost 1544 euros plus VAT, and the touchscreen version 1999 euros plus VAT.


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