Tv Watching Time

Researchers have shown that watching television for more than two hours each day can lead to an early death. They found that every two hours spent watching TV, a person has a 20% higher risk of developing type II diabetes, 15% more likely to have heart disease and 13% higher than the die of another cause.


Lack of exercise and eating unhealthy foods while watching TV causes for increased risk of disease, said Anders Grontved doctor at the University of Southern Denmark and physician Frank Hu of the Harvard School of Public Health, reports .

Their findings, published in the Medical Association, come from eight studies that involved about 235 000 people.

Based on the rate of disease in the United States, researchers estimated that for every two hours spent watching TV, number of people likely to develop disease type II diabetes increased by 178 in every 100,000, 38 to cardiovascular disease risk fatal and 104 may die of other causes.

"The study gives more power evidence so far that the sedentary activities like watching television, may increase the risk of disease from diabetes, heart disease and diseases of circulation," says Maureen Talbot from British Heart Foundation.

"I know that I lost all sitting on the couch the entire evening watching TV, munching snacks and biscuits and drinking sweet juice or alcohol, but it is important that this activity does not become a habit. We should be more selective about the time that we spend watching TV and be more active. we need 30 minutes of physical activity at least five days a week to keep our hearts healthy, "said Maureen Talbot.

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